Varieties of Pests Occurring in Colorado

Varieties of Pests Occurring in Colorado

No doubt the scenic outdoors of Colorado makes it a beautiful place to reside in. But at the same time being prone to numerous bugs or pests makes people feel annoyed. Pests including ants, cockroaches, wasps, earwigs, and black widow spiders can be commonly seen in Colorado. The existence of such bugs is not only harmful to health but can also be hazardous for surrounding household articles. Thus, for a healthy and safe living environment, one needs to do proper pest management.

“Varieties of Pests Occurring in Colorado”

Here’s how these pests affect people as well as their surroundings in different ways:

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  1. Ants: The ants belonging to the worker category look for and manage to get the food delivered to their entire ant group. Thus these insects can harm the eatable items kept around. Pavement ants are coil nesting ants found on the cracked concrete surfaces. These can cause harm to driveways and walkways. When it comes to carpenter ants, they cause a serious harmful impact on wooden household articles. It is because carpenter ants find their way into wooden articles and start depleting them. This in turn leads to decreased strength and can even be completely destroyed if not repaired on time. Understanding the concern we offer Pest Control Colorado packages to effectively remove pests.
  2. Cockroaches: These are the ones who annoy the most and are most difficult to get rid of. Although these are harmless but are known to carry harmful bacteria which can lead to multiple health issues. Three types of cockroaches can be ideally seen in Colorado:
  3. German Cockroaches: These have a tan-brown colored body and cannot fly even if their wings are fully developed.
  4. American Cockroaches: These have a red-brown colored body and can fly.
  5. Oriental Cockroaches: These cockroaches can be found in the wet basement and cannot fly even if they have wings.

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  1. Wasps: A variety of stinging insects can be found in Colorado. Among these wasps are the ones who can harm the most. Ideally, three species of wasps exist around the front range of Colorado. The three of these are listed as follows:
  2. Solitary Wasps: These kinds of wasp are not much aggressive and will not sting until or unless they experience close contact with a person’s skin.
  3. Social Wasps: These wasps reside on paper as well as cardboard by making an umbrella-shaped nest. These wasps are quite dangerous as they work along with other wasps to attack their prey.
  4. Western Yellow jacket Wasps: These wasps can be seen near trash and openly kept meat & sweets. These have been 90 % accounted for stings and can thus cause harm.
  1. Earwigs: These insects do not cause any harm to humans but look be annoying if ever found around the garden or house. These can enter the house through unsealed gaps and cracks.
  2. Black Widow Spider: These are some of the quite dangerous pests existing in Colorado. These can be found in sheds and basement areas.

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