Top Things That Could Be Attracting Termites to Your Home

Top Things That Could Be Attracting Termites to Your Home

Buying a property is among the significant investments for every house or a business owner.  However, the invasion of termites inside a property can deteriorate its value significantly. These sneaky, unpleasant pests are difficult to identify. It has been witnessed that termites cause $40 billion damage all around the world. It is the reason why they have become a nightmare for property owners. Let’s discuss some conditions that could be attracting termites to stroll into your house.  

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Dark places are favorite among termites to eat and breed because darkness provides protection from predators. It is also the reason behind leaving a trail of mud tunnels behind.  These nasty insects must think that no one can see them in tunnels when they get from one place to another.  

Though tunnels can be invisible clocks for termites, they cannot act invisible when there is a professional pest control company in Boulder County. An experienced exterminator looks for key signs of infestations and exposes termites to the light.  


Termites can’t live in the low temperature for a long time, so they huddle together to create warm spaces.  Due to the low temperature outside, these pests wander into houses of boulder county looking for warmth. When you hire exterminators, they use infrared cameras to identify the presence of hot spots in walls. Boulder pest control services put house owners’ minds at ease by protecting their properties from termites.   


Apart from a warm and cozy environment, termites like moisture.  Without a humid space, termites will dry out and eventually die. These sneaky pests live in environmentally controlled mounds. Therefore, every property owner must make their houses free from leaks or moisture. 

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Generally, a bathroom and a laundry room create a humid environment in a house.  House owners need to ensure that there shouldn’t be any leaky water systems or air conditioners. Regular termite inspection eliminates the possibility of termite infestation because exterminators limit the humidity in the property and protect the exterior from creating a humid environment.  


Little invaders enter a property in search of food.  There is a misconception that termites only love wood, so they eat through whatever wooden structure they can find.  However, it is imperative to understand that cellulose is a sugar molecule that attracts terminators.  This cellulose is present in wood because it helps plants to become stronger.  

Whether paper or cardboard, everything made of plants contains cellulose. A room full of papers and cardboard boxes often becomes the target of these little invaders.  

Conclusion  There you have it! These are the top things that could be attracting termites to your house. Termites can put a hole in the property as well as the pocket of the property owner. Whether you are dealing with nasty & subterranean termites or dry wood, hiring a professional pest control company in Boulder County is the best way to prevent a termite infestation. 

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